Root ROI Tool


The root ROI tool was developed to enable definition of regions of interest in Rhizontron root images.

Key Features

The root ROI tool allows to define bounding boxes for three regions of interest including the root and upper/lower screw regions.


Download the root ROI tool for Windows x64 (2MB)

By downloading, installing and/or using this software the user agrees with the following license conditions.

This software requires MATLAB R2021a run-time libraries to be installed:

Download MATLAB R2021a run-time for Windows x64 (~2GB).

Windows users should also install the run-time components from the following link:

Demo Movie

The movie below demonstrates the application of the root ROI tool for annotation of wheat spikes:


[1] N. Narisetti, E. Gladilin. Root ROI Tool, (unpublished)

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