Semi-automated Root Image Analysis - saRIA v0.1


saRIA tool was developed to enable quantitative anaysis of plant root growing in a opaque soil environmnet or artificial substrates (e.g., Agar gels).

Key Features

The saRIA tool is implemeted to semi-automatocally process series of images (a set of images in a folder) or one image at a time per user click in order to estimate root traits (like area, length, volume and statistical features) for each image.


download Windows x64 (247MB)
download Linux (283MB)
Quick Guide (3MB)

By downloading, installing and/or using this software the user agrees with the following license conditions.

This software requires MATLAB run time libraries (2018b) to be installed:

MATLAB run time for Windows x64 (~2GB).
MATLAB run time for Linux (~2GB).

Windows users should also install the run-time components from the following link:

Some information on dependencies of the MATLAB run-time components in Linux can be found here:

General hardware requirements for MATLAB applications can be found here:
For processing of image files of the 4-8 MP size such as provided with the supplementary data, 8GB or more RAM is recommended.

Quick Start

For install notes and further informations, please see the Quick Guide.

The movie below demonstrates the application of the saRIA tool for root image segmentation:


[1] Narisetti N., Henke M., Seiler C., Shi R., Junker A., Altmann T., Gladilin E. Semi-automated Root Image Analysis (saRIA). Sci Rep 9, 19674 (2019).

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